Text 18 Sep Alas, et tu HP

If my printer would work any slower than this, I’m pretty sure it’d turn into a time machine.

Quote 18 Sep

At the end of each day, I write an “atomic sentence,” a single statement that summarizes the most vital lesson about that day.

At times where I flail, fumble, and otherwise seek a signpost, these sentences have helped — personal lifelines indicating a larger story. Each day, an atomic unit in a living network.

— I love Liz Danzico's idea of ending each day with an “atomic sentence,” inspired by Richard Feynman’s one sentence to be passed on to the next generation.  (via explore-blog)
Text 18 Sep Mind over matter

Just because I don’t suffer from crippling forms of anxiety and phobias, doesn’t mean the mild manifestations are peachy.

Text 18 Sep >.< Getting to this point was more complicated than initially expected because people are terrible and lack basic etiquette manners

Hopefully, the phd admission committee will take into account the innovative aspects of my research.

Text 18 Sep

Free Eternal College Days is totally a go, right?

Text 16 Sep In a galaxy far far away

I’m pretty sure my adviser replies from light years away.

Text 15 Sep When you see everything as a quantic riddle…


Can’t I possibly come up with some basic research questions?

Text 15 Sep No worries people, the situation is under control

Senior Obama administration official: "Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria"

They can’t get basic geography, but they want to dominate the globe.

Next thing you’ll hear, Russia has an extensive border with Iran and are planning the apocalypse.

Quote 15 Sep
Solvitur ambulando.
— It is solved by walking. (via invisiblestories)

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